Amchis in Films and TVEdit

By Siddharth Maskeri and Gopalkrishna Bhat in Chitrapur Saraswats: How many on FB let's see · several others have helped to compile this data - Gopinath Mavinkurve, Jnanesh Chandavarkar, Shivranjan Gulvady, Gautam and Benegal to mention a few.This list is also likely to grow as we see more stalwarts entering the field and will need to be updated in the future.This document has been tranferred from Facebook by Vanita Kumta.

Baindur Anil Director-TV Serials

Balsawar Bhavana TV Actor

Balsawar Ashwin Sound recordist

Balse Mayah Story writer-Films/TV Serials

Basrur Radhakrishna Producer-Director of movies

Beltangadi Vasant Cinematographer

Benegal Gautam Animation film maker

Benegal Shyam Producer-Director of movies

Bhatkal Satyajit Director-Films

Bhatkal Uday Kannada Film actor

Chandavarkar Anupam Editor-Marathi TV Show

Chandavarkar Bhaskar Music Director-movies

Chandavarkar Leena Movie actor

Deshpande Anupama (nee Kaikini) Playback singer

Kaikini Jayant Kannada film lyricist

Kak Geeta Film actor

Kalle Krishna Playback singer

Kalyanpur Suman Playback singer

Karnad Girish movie actor

Khote (Balsavar) Shubha Film actor

Koppikar Isha Movie actor

Kudyadi Nandan Documentary film maker

Lajmi Kalpana Film Director

Nadkarni Bipin Movie Producer/Director

Nadkarni Sunder Rao Film Producer/Director

Nadkarni Usha TV Actor

Nag Anant (Nagarkatte) Kannada film Actor

Nag Shankar (Nagarkatte) Kannada film Actor

Nagarkar Anand Kannada TV serials actor

Naik Manasi Marathi TV serial actor

Nayampalli Sunderrao ("Sandow" Nayampalli) Film Actor

Padukone Atmaram Movie director

Padukone Deepika Movie Actor

Padukone Devi Dutt Film Producer/Director

Padukone Guru Dutt Movie Producer/Director/Actor

Pandit Radhika Kannada film actor

Pandhari Bai Movie Actor

Paudwal Anuradha Playback singer

Ranjankar(nee Savkur Bhat) Ambika TV Actor

Rao Amrita Movie Actor

Rao Kiran Movie Producer/Director

Shirali Gurudutt Film Editor

Shrali Vishnudass Music Director

Talgeri Venkatrao Film Actor

Ullal Ramakrishna Bhat Film Director

Vittal Rammohan Animation Film maker

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