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Welcome to the Amchipedia Wiki[edit | edit source]

Amchipedia is an endeavour by Chitrapur Saraswats to preserve their heritage and culture using open cultural principles and Net 2.0 techniques.

The prefix "Amchi" represents the "amchi" or "amchigale" - a term that the Chitrapur or Bhanap community calls itself. The suffix "-pedia' suggests that it is a wiki. Gopalkrishna Bhat Maam suggested the name for this wiki. He opines that it also represents the Konkani word "Peedi" meaning generation & "-pedia" suggests the involvement of three generations - past, present and future. A very big thank you, Maam for suggesting the name and its interpretation.

Amchipedia has just been born on 18 August 2011 ariound 1700 hrs. The suggestion came up on a thread begun by Dev Nadkarni on the Facebook group - Chitrapur Saraswats: How many on FB let's see, which he formed on November 7, 2009. At the time for forming this Wiki, the group had 2636 members, which is more than 10% of the small community.

The thread that set in motion the establishment of this Wiki began:

"Volunteers needed… First, thanks for all this enthusiastic participation and contributions. These threads are becoming incredibly long and need to be woven into a fabric of a page that everyone can use conveniently and meaningfully. Can we create teams of volunteers? Say two or three per topic? Within a thread, it's inevitable that there's a bit of banter and joking. That needs to be weeded out and the relevant contributions need to be put into a doc which could then be hosted someplace (perhaps a separate web resource) which can be a living document of everything Konkani… A collaborative oral history? How many hands do we see going up?"

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Contents of Amchipedia[edit | edit source]

The Doorway (main index page) is found here.

License[edit | edit source]

Why should information and media be free? Free as in "freedom of speech", not free as in "free beer". Freedom from unhealthy restrictions in copyright. Here is a justification (wriiten about Wikipedia but applicable in rationale here also).

The license proposed for the Amchipedia is Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution required, Share-alike. It is a free license which is the same as for Wikipedia.

Here is an easily-understood version of the the license.

Latest activity[edit | edit source]

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