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Welcome to the Amchipedia Wiki[]

Amchipedia is an endeavour by Chitrapur Saraswats to preserve their heritage and culture using open cultural principles and Net 2.0 techniques.

The prefix "Amchi" represents the "amchi" or "amchigale" - a term that the Chitrapur or Bhanap community calls itself. The suffix "-pedia' suggests that it is a wiki. Gopalkrishna Bhat Maam suggested the name for this wiki. He opines that it also represents the Konkani word "Peedi" meaning generation & "-pedia" suggests the involvement of three generations - past, present and future. A very big thank you, Maam for suggesting the name and its interpretation.

Amchipedia has just been born on 18 August 2011 ariound 1700 hrs. The suggestion came up on a thread begun by Dev Nadkarni on the Facebook group - Chitrapur Saraswats: How many on FB let's see, which he formed on November 7, 2009. At the time for forming this Wiki, the group had 2636 members, which is more than 10% of the small community.

The thread that set in motion the establishment of this Wiki began:

"Volunteers needed… First, thanks for all this enthusiastic participation and contributions. These threads are becoming incredibly long and need to be woven into a fabric of a page that everyone can use conveniently and meaningfully. Can we create teams of volunteers? Say two or three per topic? Within a thread, it's inevitable that there's a bit of banter and joking. That needs to be weeded out and the relevant contributions need to be put into a doc which could then be hosted someplace (perhaps a separate web resource) which can be a living document of everything Konkani… A collaborative oral history? How many hands do we see going up?"

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Contents of Amchipedia[]

The Doorway (main index page) is found here.


Why should information and media be free? Free as in "freedom of speech", not free as in "free beer". Freedom from unhealthy restrictions in copyright. Here is a justification (wriiten about Wikipedia but applicable in rationale here also).

The license proposed for the Amchipedia is Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution required, Share-alike. It is a free license which is the same as for Wikipedia.

Here is an easily-understood version of the the license.

Latest activity[]

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