"Amchi Teachers and Educationists- Past and Present"Edit

Originally by By Sushita Karnad, Ashwin Baindur and 4 others in Chitrapur Saraswats: How many on FB let's see -by Gopalkrishna Bhat and others ·.This document has been transferred from Facebook by Vanita Kumta.

Such a compilation would not have been possible without the help from several amchis who pooled in information.The list will probably keep on growing and will need to be updated often.The topic of "Amchi Teachers and Educationists" (pure academics) was launched on "Teachers Day" last year and it elicited a tremendous response from our members. The names suggested have been arranged alphabetically. The names of deceased persons, where known, have been marked as 'late'.

Certain categories like teachers of Music/Dance, Sportspersons, Doctors, Defence Personnel etc have been excluded as they have been listed elsewhere and so also private tutors.

E & O E

आचार्य देवो भव | May the teacher be, to thee, a God

late Adur Surendranath Teacher, Mangalore

late Adur Vimla Teacher, Mangalore

late Aldangady Sharada Bai Teacher, Mangalore

Alekal Ramachandra Rao Deputy Director of Public Instruction, Belgaum

late Amembal Krishnarao V Teacher, Kumta

Amembal Sangeeta Montessori School, Melbourne, Auatralia

Amembal Amit Subbarao Visiting Faculty at the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai. Research Scientist and Industry Professional in Paint Technology. Manager Technical and Stewardship Coordinator India PPG Asian Paints.

Amladi Ganesh L School Principal, Mudhol & other places

Amladi Vandana (nee Kailaje) Teacher. Bahrain

Ananda Smita (nee Taggarse) Teacher,Mumbai

Andar Krishna Rao Teacher, Karwar

Arangadi Sheila (nee Kalyanpur) Teacher, Mumbai

late Babulkar Lila Rao Teacher, Mumbai

Babulkar Savitri Teacher Ahmedabad/Jorhat/Mumbai, Principal, Ganapathy JC, Mangalore

Bagde Pramila (nee Koppikar) Retd. Teacher, Mumbai

Bagde Suniti Teacher, Mumbai

Bailur Shobha (nee Trikannad) Teacher,Delhi

Baindur, Amita (nee Kalbag) Teacher, Pune & Delhi, Teacher-trainer & education consultant

Bajekal Chitra Teacher, Hyderabad

Bajekal Nirmala (nee Savkur) Lecturer, HOD,Mumbai

Baljekar Hemalata Teacher, Bangalore

Balse Kanchan, Teacher, Bangalore

Balwally Leela Teacher, Mumbai

Balwally Maya Teacher, Bangalore

Balwally Saimaya, Teacher,Vidya Mandir, Bangalore

Bannerji Kanchan (nee Karopadi) Bangalore

Basrur Ms Anuja Ashok Teacher, Mumbai

Basrur Kalyani ( nee Pandit) Teacher, Aseema, Mumbai

Basrur Krishna ex Lecturer, Queen Mary's College, Chennai

late Basrur Krishna Bai Teacher, Mangalore

Basrur Nirmala S. Retd. Teacher, Mumbai

Basrur Sadashiva Rao Teacher, Kundapur

late Dr Basrur Sanjiva Rao ex Principal, Central College, Bangalore

late Basrur Sanjiva Rao Teacher, Kundapur

Bellare (Dr) Jayesh Professor, IIT, Mumbai

Bellare Nirmala ( nee Savkoor) Lecturer/Head of English Dept, SVT College,Mumbai

Bellare Preeta Runs a Pre-KG, Bangalore

Benegal Anuradha Teacher, Bang

late Benegal Sanjiva Rao Raghavendra . IES , Educationist, Banaras and other places

late Benegal Sanjiva Rao Manjunathayya Teacher, Madras (now Chennai)

Betrabet Vidya Teacher, Mumbai

Bharadwaj Krishna (nee Chandawarkar) Lecturer-Economics, JNU, Delhi

Bhat Aniruddha Teacher, Honavar

Bhat Amita (Surkund), Teacher, Bangalore

Bhat H.Sheetal Visiting Faculty, SNDT, Juhu, Mumbai

late Bhat Krishnabai Headmistress, Haliyal

Bhat Leela Teacher H.M.Nanavati English School, Mumbai

Bhat Maya Teacher, Mumbai

Bhat Prabha Gopalkrishna Retired Teacher, Belgaum/Mumbai

late Bhat Sitaram P Head Master St Xaviers School, Mumbai

Bhat Sonal  Vice Princpal, Apple Blossoms, Pune

Bhat Suman Teacher, Indonesia

Bhat Vijaya Teacher, OLPS School, Chembur, Mumbai

Bhatkal Smita Faculty-Finance, Welingkar Institute, Mumbai

Bijoor Laxman Rao Teacher, Puttur

Bijoor, Shobhana (nee Kalbag) retired teacher and Principal, Parle Tilak Vidyalaya, Mumbai

Bijur Sushila (nee Dhareshwar) Teacher, Dharwad

Bijur Tarabai ( nee Pandit) Principal, Lady Irvin College,Delhi

Burde Amita Retd Principal, School for the Deaf & Dumb, Mumbai (?)

Burde Vina School Teacher, Bangalore

Chandavar Krishna Rao Teacher, Sorab (Shimoga District)

Chandavarkar A.Y. Professor (Design), Mumbai

Chandavarkar Gangadhar Teacher, Honavar

Chandavarkar Gayatri Vivek Teacher, Nashik

Chandavarkar Gourish College Principal, Haliyal (Uttara Kannada)

Chandavarkar Gurunath Teacher, Honavar

Chandavatkar Maruti S Teacher, Karwar/Belgaum

Chandavarkar Meena R  Vice Chancellor, Gulbarga Open University,Gulbarga

Chandavarkar Sona Lecturer Maths, Podar college, Mumbai

Chandavarkar Shobha Teacher, Bangalore/Haliyal

Chandavarkar Sumati D Teacher, Mumbai

Chandavarkar Tarabai Teacher, Mumbai

late Chandragiri Ramanath Rao Teacher, Mangalore

Chickermane Shaila Teacher, Delhi/Pune

Chittar Hoskote Hemangini Visiting Faculty, SNDT University, Mumbai

Deshpande Dr Sudha Professor-Economics, Mumbai

Dhareshwar Ashok Nagesh( Baal) , Teacher, Demonstrator, Mumbai

Dhareshwar Dhanashree Teacher Mumbai

late Dhareshwar Padmini Teacher, Balak Vrinda High School, Mumbai

Divate Dr Smita (nee Bijur ) Lecturer Mumbai

Divgi Jyoti Teacher, Mumbai

Divgi, Nalini Teacher, Mumbai

Divgi Nita R Teacher, Goa

Divgikar Smita Professor, Mumbai

late Dongerkery S.R. Vice Chancellor, Bombay University, Mumbai

Dumblekar Dr. Vinod S Educationist, New Delhi

Dutt (Udyavar) Dr Nikhil Professor, computer Science, University of Irvine, CA

Dutt (Udyavar) Sujata Instructional Asst., Meadow Park Ele. School, Irvine, CA

Gangolli Hemalata School Teacher, Mumbai

Gangolli Dr Ramesh Professor, U.S.A.

Gangolli Ratna Retd Teacher, St Thomas Academy, Mumbai

late Gangolli Srinivas Rao Teacher, Mangalore

Gangolli Suman D School Principal, Mumbai

Ganguli (Gangolli) S.R. Retd. Educationist (Insurance), Malaysia and Mumbai

Gangolli Vrinda (nee Savkur) Principal, Catering College, Pune

Gersappa Arundhati Teacher, Vivek Vidyalaya, Goregaon, Mumbai

Gersappa Lalita Teacher, Honavar/Mumbai

Gersappa Sheela Teacher, Vidya Mandir, Bangalore

Gersappa Tanuja Teacher, Chennai

Gokarn Anjali Professor, College of Social Work, Mumbai

Gokarn Geeta (nee Lall) Teacher Pune, Delhi,Meerut

Gokarn Karuna Associate Professor-Microbiology, St Xavier's College, Mumbai

Gokarn Prof. Dr.Ramchandra Retd Professor &HOD, Naval Achitecture, IIT-Kharagpur

Gokarn Shantaram D Retd Headmaster, PDJ School, Bijapur

Gokarn Sunanda. Teacher, Honavar

Gollerkeri Dr. Suniti (nee Manjeshwar) Professor, Medical College, Goa

late Golikeri Kalpana P Teacher, Mumbai

late Gulwadi Uma M Principal, Mumbai

late Gulvady Gopinath Bhat Teacher, Mangalore

late Gulwady Ratnakar Bhat Teacher, Mangalore

Gulvady Sitaratna Retd. Teacher, OLPS School, Chembur, Mumbai

Haladi Bhat Anita Lecturer, Goa

Halady Shrimati  Lecturer, Govt Junior Colege, Bangalore

Halady Vinaya (nee Aldangady) Special mention: Has taught hundreds of children for free.

Haldipur Nirmala Teacher, Honavar

Harite Krishna Bai Teacher, Mumbai

late Harite Sidhanand H Professor- Chemistry, Goa

Haridas Rupa– Teacher (Arts & Crafts a Lilavatibai Podar School, Santacruz, Mumbai)

Haridas Nijanand Professor for Physics at Mithibai College, Vile Parle, Mumbai

Haridas Kalpan - Professor & Head of Deptt. History, Mount Carmel College (Autonomous), Bangalore

Hattangadi Laksminarayan (Suneel) ex- Teacher, Indian High School, Dubai

Hattangadi Prema Teacher, Mumbai

Hattangadi Tripti (nee Sashittal) Teacher, Bangalore

Hattangadi Vina R Teacher, Bangalore

Hattangadi Vimala Teacher, Coimbatore

Hattangadi Vrinda (nee Kamath) K G Teacher, S I E S, Mumbai

late Hattangady Deva Rao Headmaster, Karkal, Dakshina Kannada

late Hattangady Kamala Bai Principal, Mumbai

late Hattangady Pandurang Rao Headmaster, Mangalore

Hattangady Vinaya K (nee K.Vinaya Rao) ex Teacher, Mangalore

Hattiangadi Manorama Bai Educationist, Mangalore;School Principal, Udupi

Hattiangadi Sadanand Bhat Teacher, Hattiangadi

Hattiangadi Shantanand Bhat Teacher, Mangalore, Lecturer, Kundapur

Hattiangadi Shilpa Teacher, Pimpri

Hattiangadi Shiv Bhat Teacher, Hattiangadi

Hattiangadi Vittal Bhat Teacher, Koteshwar (near Kundapur)

Hattikudur Manohar Retd Professor, Indian Inst of Science, Bangalore

late Hattikudur Narayan Teacher, Karkala

Hattikudur Shiva Rao Retd Lecturer, University Agricultural College, Coimbatore

Hattikudur Srirang M Asst. Professor,University of Twente, The Netherlands

Heble Dr Ajay  Ontario, Canada

Heble Latika (nee Kilpady) Teacher, Mumbai

Heble Dr Madhav Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto, Canada

Heblekar Arun Professor & Registrar of Goa University, Goa

Heblekar Minal A Lecturer, Goa

Hejmadi Nina Teacher, N M Trust, Academy, Mumbai

late Hemmad Sunder Rao College Principal, Udupi

Hemmadi Kalpana ( nee Upponi) Teacher, Mumbai

Hemmadi Nilima (nee Mundkur) Teacher, Mumbai

late Dr Hemmadi Usha (nee Surkund) Professor-English, Sydenham/Elphinstone Colleges, Mumbai

Hemmady Archana ( nee Hirebet) Teacher-English, Mumbai

Hemmady Gopalkrishna Rao Teacher, Kundapur

Hemmady Jyoti M Teacher, Mumbai

Hemmady R.S. Professor , Mumbai

Hemmady Shankar Visiting Faculty, University of California, U.S.A.

Hemmady Suresh Rao Retd.Professor (Hydraulics), IIT (Madras), Chennai

late Heranjal Meera U Teacher, Belgaum

late Hirebet Jagannivas Teacher, Udupi

Hirebet Suman ex Teacher, Bangalore

Honavar Indu LSR College, Delhi

late Honavar Sushila Teacher, Mumbai

late Hosangadi Baburao Teacher, Belgaum

Hosangady Balkrishna Teacher, Honavar

Hosangady Bhaskar Head of Dept- Chemistry, Mumbai University

Hoskote Chandra Teacher, Mumbai

Hoskote Chitra Teacher,Mumbai

Hoskote Seema Gurukul, Pune

Idgunji Kamala Principal/Owner, Sapling School, Pune

Irde Dr Balkrishna Visiting Professor, Anna University, Chennai

late Jaddigadde (Rao) Jagannath Rao Teacher, Belgaum

Jaisimha (nee Haridas) Sumedha Lecturer, Parle College, Mumbai

Jamalabad Meera (nee Benegal) Professor , New Delhi

Kadle Anil Lecturer, Engineering College, Bhatkal

Kadle Mridula Uday Teacher, Airport High School, Mumbai

Kadle Dr Prakash R Lecturer, Parle/Sathaye College,Mumbai

Kadle Venkatesh Teacher, Shirali /Murdeshwar

Kagal Usha (nee Bhat) Teacher, Mumbai

late Kaikini Dr. Gourish Teacher, Gokarna

Kailaje Anasuya Teacher, Mumbai

Kailaje Vasudha Teacher, Mumbai

late Kailaje Raghunath Bhat Professor, Karkala

Kalambi Nirmal Teacher, Seva Sadan, Mumbai

Kalavar Anusuya P Professor-Electronics, Pune &other places

Kalbag Ganesh School Principal, Honavar

Kalbag Lalita Teacher, Mumbai

Kalha Kusum (nee Gokarn) Teacher, Mumbai

Kalyanpur Bhavanishankar Rao Teacher, Puttur

late Kallianpur Sanjiv Bhat District Educational Officer, Mangalore

Kallianpur Veena Teacher, Hyderabad

Kallianpurkar Kshama Teacher, St. Columbas High School, Mumbai

Kalthod Dr Gurudutt ex Director, VJTI, Mumbai

Kamath Sadhana (nee Ullal) Professor, Wilson College, Mumbai

Kamat Vibha Lecturer, Mumbai

Kamat Sandhya (nee Talgeri) French Teacher, Mumbai

Karkal Vijaylakshmi Teacher, Bangalore

Karkal Rekha Teacher, Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Mumbai

Karnad Anita Spl needs Teacher, Clarke School for Deaf Blind, Chennai

Karnad Dipti Principal, Clarke Scool for Deaf Blind, Chennai

Karnad Kalpana (nee Mallapur) Teacher,Nashik

Karnad Krishna Teacher, Banaras

Karnad Mangala J ex Headmistress, Ganapathy English Medium School, Mangalore

Karnad Purnima Teacher, Bangalore

Karnad Sushita Teacher, Coorg

Karnad Vishaka Ashish [Ph.D. (Home Science, Textile & Fashion Technology), CText FTI (UK) & Sangeet Visharad) Assistant Professor, College of Home Science, Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai & Ex-Chairperson, Ad-hoc Board of Studies in Home Science, Research Recognition Committee University of Mumbai, Member of the Textile Institute Council UK].

Karnad-Janee Rashmi Teacher, York Region, Toronto, Canada

Karnik Harish IIT-Kanpur

Karnik Shubha French Dept., IIT Kanpur

Karwar Sudha B Lecturer, wilson College/VJTI, Mumbai

Katre Shakuntala Professor, Bangalore

Katre Shobha R Teacher, Mumbai

late Katre Venkat Rao Teacher, Mangalore

Katre Vinaya Sharad School Teacher, Jamshedpur

Kaushik Anjani Retd Teacher, Belgaum/Bangalore

Kaushik Purnima  Teacher, MES School, Bangalore

Kaushik Sadhana Lecturer, Chemistry, K J Somaiya College, Mumbai

Khambadkone Balachandra Rao Professor, Goa

Khambadkone (Rao) Shaila Teacher, Goa

Khambadkone (Rao) Sharmila Teacher, Goa

Kilpadi Manorama, Teacher, Mumbai

Kilpady Anuya G (nee Kesarkodi) Teacher, Mumbai

Kilpady Meera Teacher, Mumbai

Kilpady Shakuntala (nee Haldipur) Teacher, Principal , Rizvi College, Mumbai

Kilpady Uma Girish (nee Mundkur) Teacher Mumbai, (Gulf Model School-Dubai),Bangalore

Kelkar Bhaskar Professor, Banaras University

Kelkar Prema Teacher, Banaras

Kelkar Sanjeeva Professor, Banaras University

late Kelkar Sunita Teacher, Our Own School, Mumbai

Kodange Karuna (Akanksha) Teacher, Bangalore

late Kodial Shankar Rao Headmaster, G.H.School,, Mangalore

Kodial Suman (nee Bijur) Teacher,Headmistress, Mumbai

late Kodikal Mangesh Rao Headmaster, Mangalore/Bantwal

Kokrady Anil K Associate Professor-Economics, Hansraj College, University of Delhi

Kombrabail Hemant Visiting Faculty in Marketing & Gen. Management, Mumbai

late Kombrabail Padmanabha Rao Teacher, Belgaum

Kombrabail Sharada ex teacher, Basel Mission High School, Dharwad

Konaje Annaji Rao Teacher, Puttur

late Koppikar Gurunath Teacher, Sardar High School, Belgaum

Koppikar Dr (Mrs) G V ex Professor/HOD, Microbiology, Mumbai

Koppikar Krishnabai L ex Teacher, Mumbai

late Koppikar M.M. Profesoor, VJTI, Mumbai

late Koppikar Nirmala (nee Chandragiri) Teacher, Mumbai

Koppikar Ramdas ex Principal, BOI Staff Training College, Mumbai

Koppikar Saneet Adjunct Instructor-Biology, San Jose City College, California

Koppikar Shaila G Teacher, Hyderabad

Koppikar Shalini K Professor, Chennai

Koppikar Sheela S Professor, Navi Mumbai

Koppikar Sheila (nee Dhareshwar) School Principal, Pune

late Koppikar Sunila, Teacher, Mumbai

Koppikar Vijaya J Professor, Mumbai

Koppikar Smita M Professor, Bangalore

Koppikar Bilgi Shobha Vice Principal, Chinoy College, Mumbai

Koppikar Vinodini Teacher,Mumbai

Koundinya Pramila ( nee Premi Baindur) Professor/Head of English Dept, Pune

Kowshik Anupa Teacher, Gokak

Kulkarni (nee Chandragiri) Archana Teacher, Mumbai

Kulkarni Neena Teacher, Bangalore

late Kumble Dattatreya Rao Teacher, Mangalore

Kumta Sadanand B Retd Director, Technical Education (Gujarat State)

Kumtha Anand Lecturer-Maths, Hinduja College, Mumbai

Kundapur Ashok ex Professor-Zoology, Manipal/Udupi

late Kundaje Manjunath, School Teacher, Kumta,Shirali, Vittal 

Madiman Malini D ex Lecturer-Sanskrit, Govt. College,Bangalore

Madiman Sunila Vidya Bhavan School, Pune

Madiman Triambak Headmaster, Tallur (near Kundapur)

Mallapur Geeta(nee Kalyanpur) Teacher,Bangalore

Mallapur Karishma Teacher, Sapling School, Pune

Mangloor Maya (nee Tellicheri) Teacher, Mumbai

Manjeshwar Mohan Rao  Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Manjeshwar Ahilya Teacher, Pune

Manjeshwar Santosh Faculty, Welingkar Institute, Mumbai

Mankikar Rohini Teacher, Mumbai

Mankikar Sadanand University of Toronto, Canada

Mankikar S.S. Professor, Mumbai

late Manel Ratna Bai Headmistress, Mangalore

late Manikeri Roshan/Sucheta (nee Babulkar) Teacher, Mumbai

Manikere Shobha (nee Chandramathi B.R.) Vice Principal, Pragathy School, Sagar

Maskeri Shoba Teacher, N M Trust, Academy, Mumbai

Maskeri Unakar Swati Teacher-Textile Design, Bangalore

Mavinkurve Sunila Lecturer, Goa

Mavinkurve Vinaya S Headmistress, Goa

Moitra (nee Kelkar) Premi Professor, Baroda

Monappa (nee Savkur) Ranjana Teacher, Vidya Niketan School, Mumbai

late Mudbhatkal Bhavanishankar M Teacher, Belgaum

Mudbhatkal Sunanda ( nee Kelkar) Teacher,Mumbai

Mudbidri Aditi ( nee Harite) Teacher, Mumbai

Mudbidri Dr Anil G. Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Karnatak university, Dharwad

Mudbidri Arun Professor-Mathmatics

Mudbidri Geeta  Retd Teacher, Anandashram H.S., Kotekar

Mudbidri Nirmala (nee Gulvady) Teacher, Mumbai

Mukkadap Sandeep Teacher,Dehra Dun

Mukkadap Moumita (nee Chakraborty) Teacher,Dehra Dun

Mulky Avinash Lecturer,IIM, Bengaluru (earlier at IIM Indore).

late Mulky Malini (nee Hemmadi) School Teacher ( 1951-95), Mumbai

Mulky Manjunath Professor, Palghat

Mulky Medha Avinash (nee Savur) Teacher, Bangalore

Mullerpaten Namita Retd Teacher, Belgaum/Bangalore

late Mundkur (M.S.) Ekambar Rao Headmaster, Mangalore

Mundkur Neeta (nee Kundaje) Teacher, Mumbai

Mundkur Sulu Symbiosis School, Pune

Mundkur Suman Asst Professor, Dept of Textiles & Apparel Designining, SNDT University, Mumbai

Murdeshwar Dr Mangesh Maths Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta, Canada

late Murdeshwar Sadanand S Retd Vice Principal, Rajaram College, Kolhapur

Murdeshwar Shalini Champion School, Mumbai

Murdeshwar Katre Deepa HOD English, Vartak College, Vasai, Thane

Murdeshwar Pritha Teacher, Mumbai

late Nadkarni, Chandripachi, former primary school teacher Shri Shivaji Preparatory Military School, Pune

Nadkarni Dev Faculty Member(Journalism-India & Pacific Region), New Zealand

Nadkarni Dr Devyani Tiny Tots School, Mumbai

Nadkarni Ganga M Teacher/Owner, Preschool, Bangalore(?)

Nadkarni Geeta M Teacher, Bangalore

Nadkarni Geeta V ( nee Krishnee Yederi) Teacher, Mumbai

Nadkarni Dr Mangesh ex Vice Chancellor, Gulbarga University

Nadkarni Ranjani Teacher, Mumbai

Nadkarni Shantabai Teacher, Mumbai

Nadkarni Shobhna ( nee Nadkarni) Teacher, Sharjah / Pune

Nadkarni Suchitra Teacher, Mumbai

Nadkarni Sujata Teacher, Bangalore

late Nadkarni Venkat Teacher, Dharwar (?)

Nagarkar Sushila Teacher, Mumbai

Nagarkatti Nandini Teacher, Kolkata/Chennai/Delhi

Nagarkatti Sunita (nee Mavinkurve) Teacher, Mumbai

Nagarmat Ratnakar Rao Retd. Teacher, Mangalore

Naimpally Somashekhar Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, Canada

Nayak Priya ( nee Amembal), Montessori School, Bengaluru

Nayampally Dr Ajith Kumar Professor-Economics, Amrita Vishwavidyapeetham, Kochi

Nayel Kumud   ex Teacher/Principal, Various Schools, Ambala/Delhi

Naravi Deepa ( nee Nadkarni)Teacher Mumbai

Nayampally Aditi Teacher, IES School, Mumbai

Nayampally Madhukar Professor-English, Kochi

late Nayampally Shantaram Professor-English, Kochi

Nayampally Sunanda ex HOD-Pharmacology, GSM, Mumbai

Nettar Gopalkrishna Rao Teacher, Puttur

Nileshwar Sharad Faculty, Welingkar Institute, Mumbai

Nileshwar Sudha (nee Gangolli) Teacher, Mumbai

late Nirody Subba Rao District Educational Officer, Mangalore

Padukone Ganapati Professor, Mumbai

late Padukone Ramanand Rao Professor (Chemistry), Madras University

late Padukone Shantaram Rao Professor (Natural Science), Mangalore

late Pandit Ramanath Rao Teacher, Moodabidri

Pandit Savitri Head, Clothing & Textile Dept., MSU, Baroda

Pandit Vinita (nee Mukadap) Teacher, Principal of Arya Vidya Mandir, Bandra, Mumbai

Pangal Ramesh Rao Teacher, Puttur

late Panje Mangesh Rau ex Headmaster, Govt. High School (Madikeri)

Patkar Sheetal D (nee Talmaki) Lecturer-Maths, Mumbai

Philar Jayvant Rao Teacher, Mangalore

Philar Satishchandra Rao Retd. Professor, REC, Suratkal

Philar Satyanarayan Rao Teacher, Karkala and other places

Puthli Shanti  Teacher, Little Angels School, Mumbai

late Puthli Ganesh, Lecturer, Khalsa College, Mumbai

Puthli Kishori Teacher, Prasanna Autism Centre, Pune

Puthli Uday Adjunct Professor, College of Engineering, Pune

Ragde Laxman  Teacher, Canada

Rai (nee Shirali) Dr Urmila Postgraduate Teacher, Mumbai University, Mumbai

Raju (nee Savkur) Aruna Teacher, Bangalore

Ranjan Aditi (nee Shirali) Teacher, NID, Ahmedabad

Rao (Panemangalore) Aruna Teacher, Mumbai

Rao Beena (nee Trasi) School Teacher, Kudremukh/Thane

Rao Kanchan Pradeep  Teacher, Cluny Convent, Bangalore

Rao Dr Prema, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Rao  Satyavathi L (Aparna Mullerpattan) social studies, National Public School Bangalore.

Rao Shanta Rameshwar (nee Panje) Educationist, Hyderabad

Rao (nee Koppikar) Sucheta ex Teacher, Poddar School, Santacruz, Mumbai

Rao Sudha G.  Teacher, Bandra, Mumbai

Rebello Leela ( nee Yellurkar) Teacher, Mumbai

Sachar Kalpana Teacher, Patna

Sarowgi(nee Arur) Ritu School Principal, Kolkata

late Sashital Anuradha ( nee Pratibha Shirali) , Mumbai

Sashital Suresh Demonstrator, Khalsa College, Mumbai

Savur Ramarao Mangeshrao BA (Cantb), MBE (King's Honours list 1943) - principal Govt Brennan college, Tellicherry, Govt Victoria College, Palakkad, Inspector of School

Savkur Beena Special Educator, Ummeed, Mumbai

Savkur Krishnabai Teacher, Kundapur

Savnal Hemmady Vidya Teacher, Queen Mary School, Mumbai

Savoor (Dr) S.R.U. Professor, Madras University

Savoor Shanta ex Teacher, St Xavier's School (Dhobi Talao, Mumbai)

Shaktivel (nee Brahmavar) Veena Retired Lecturer, Mumbai

late Sherbet Nirupama V Teacher, S S P M S School, Pune

late Sheti(nee Puthli) Sulochana Educationist, Mumbai

Shibad Sonibai School Principal, Mumbai

Dr. Shirali Shailesh Mathematics at Rishi Valley School , Madnapalle, A P, also the Principal of the school for some time.

Shirali Vijaya Teacher, St Columba's, Mumbai

Shirali-Deo Gauri Special Education Teacher for Preschoolers with Autism, Mercer Island, Washington,USA

Shiroor Amita S Symbiosis Institute, Pune

Shirur Aparna Teacher, Mumbai

late Sirur, Anjani (nee Shirali) Teacher, Mumbai

late Someshwar Dutt Professor & Head of Dept. of Marine Living, Andhra University

Someshwar Indu German Teacher, Andhra University/Max Mueller Bhavan

Soukur D.M. Teacher, Honavar

late Tadgaje Nagesh Rao Teacher, Puttur

Tadgaje Ramanand Rao Teacher, Puttur

Taggarse Ashok Professor-HOD, Physics, Mumbai

Taggarse Jyoti Teacher, Place?

Taggarse Jyotsna ( nee Kaikini)Teacher USA

Talgeri Jaya A Lecturer, Maths, Jhunjhunwala College, Mumbai

Talgeri Suhas ex Teacher, Mumbai

late Talmaki Vijaya S Teacher, Mumbai

Telang (nee Shirur) Kunda Vocational Teachers Training College, Delhi

Tonse Shankar Rao Teacher, Kundapur

Tonsekar Mohan Professor, Chowgule College, Goa

Trasi Asha Teacher, N M Trust Academy, Mumbai

late Trikannad Lalita Teacher, Goa

Trikannad Maruti S ex teacher, Basel Mission High School, Dharwad

late Trikannad Mukund S Teacher, Dharwad

late Ubhaya Gopalkrishna Rao Teacher, Mangalore

Ubhaykar Arun Headmaster, Mallapur

Udiaver Vrinda (nee Kailaje) Lecturer, Mumbai

Udipi Dr Shobha Professor & HOD, SNDT University, Mumbai

late Udyavar Bhavanishankar Rao Teacher, Kundapur/Puttur/Kasargod

late Udyavar Suniti Teacher, Kannada School, Mumbai

late Ugran Amrith Rao Teacher, Kundapur

Ugran Krishna Teacher, Kundapur

late Ugran Mangesh Rao Teacher, Puttur

Ugran Vishwanath Rao exPrincipal, Syndicate Bank Training College (Belgaum)

late Ugrankar Sadashiv L School Principal, Belgaum

Ullal Dr Gautam  Ontario, Canada

Ullal Suresh Retired teacher (Dodda ballapur)

Ullal Jennifer Teacher, Mumbai

Ullal Jyoti Teacher, Mumbai

Ullal Lalitha( nee Halady) Teacher (1946-48), St Cicily's Convent, Udipi

Ullal Sudha Kishore, Teacher, Rossary Convent, Baroda.

Ullal Pagna Kartik, Teacher, Bangaluru

late Ullal Purushottam Rao Teacher, Mangalore

Ullal Smita  Teacher (French), Mumbai

Upadhyay Mrs (nee Kaundinya) HOD-Marathi, Wilson College, Mumbai

Upponi Dinkar Teacher, Dharwad

late Upponi Durga R Teacher, Mumbai

Upponi G ex Teacher, Basel Mission High School, Dharwad

late Upponi Ramakant Bhat Teacher, Mumbai

Vaknalli Sunila (nee Amembal) Teacher, Mumbai

Vittal Mangesh Bhat Teacher, Mangalore

Vombathkere Bharathi Raghuvir Rao Teacher, Bangalore

Yerdoor Smita Teacher, Bangalore

Ubhaya Dhareshwar Gopal Rao, Kundapur

Vithal D Koppikar, Kundapur