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(Extracted from Chitrapur Saraswats: How many on FB let's see) · Edit Doc

For those of you readers who have read the earlier document on Chitrapur Saraswat Surnames, this further enlightens on the surnames that are derived exclusively from professions

  • BELLIMAL - The name of an office under the Nagar kings in the royal white palace. It was originally pronounced as Bile Mahal (white palace).
  • BHAGWAT - The name of a profession meaning the head of a dramatic party
  • BHAT - The name of priestly profession borne by many families, usually by adding the name of the place, like Aldangadi Bhat, Manjeshwar Bhat, Baddukuli Bhat, Mangalore Bhat etc.
  • CHICKERMANE - Literally a small palace, it was an office under the Nagar kings, meaning the Chamberlain of the heir apparent.
  • CHITRIK - The name of a profession and means a painter.
  • GURKAR - Name of a profession, the headman of armed forces in the Nagar kingdom.
  • HARIDAS - A priest at Haridas math.
  • KABAD - The name of a village but some say that the word means an accountant under Coorg kings.
  • KADLE - An ancestor was in charge of supplying grains to the royal stable under Nagar kings.
  • KATRE - An ancestor served under one Khatri Mavji.
  • KAVLIGE - The name of an office literally meaning an accountant in Tulu language.
  • KULKARNI - The name of a procession given to a person who kept the revenue accounts of a village.
  • LABHADAYA - Literally meaning gain and profit, an accountant under the Nagar kings.
  • LAJMI - The protector of cows under the Nagar kings.
  • MANEVARTE - A Household Secretary under the Nagar kings.
  • NADGHAR - Derived from 'Nadigaru', worshipping priests of a temple built by the family.
  • NADKARNI - The name of a procession connected with the collection of village revenue.
  • NAGARKATTE - An ancestor of the family was in charge of a toll naka under Nagar kings.
  • PANDIT - Believed to be veternary surgeons under Nagar kings but also said to be derived from posts rendering other services.
  • RAYASAD - From a post involving duties of copying orders under the Chitrapur Math.
  • SAVKAR - Meaning a trader; the ancestors of this family carried on trade.
  • UGRAN - An ancestor served as a steward under the Nagar kings.
  • VINE - An ancestor served as a musician playing an instrument by that name under a Nagar king.

Acknowledgement- adapted from "Saraswat Families" by S.S.Talmaki and P.N.Nadkarni