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Amchi Konkani Verbs (Revised)[]

By Vanita Kumta on Friday, May 9, 2014 at 1:05pm

Credits to Shri Gopalkrishna Bhat and Vanita Kumta.

There have been several friends who have contributed in this compilation,I take this opportunity to mention some Kumud Nayel,Gita Talgeri,Suresh Kalyanpur,Sheela Kalyanpur,Rajan Ugrankar,Pam Chatterjee,Sheela Sawant,Kalpan Haridas,Sneha Vicky Khanna,Archana Hemmady,Gopi Mundkur and several others.Thank you friends a work of this magnitude would never have been possible without each of you.

Amchi Konkani verbs posted by our members have been  edited and rearranged in this revised document. There has been an overwhelming response from the members. Thank you all.

Please feel free to add more with meanings by way of comments only. Do not edit the document. Verbs only please.

~ addoLche आदोळ्चे accidentally touch someone or something

~ bhaajche  भाजचें  to roast

~ bhovnche भोवंचे  to roam/take a stroll

~ bhovndaanche भोवंडानचें  to take for a stroll

'~ birun ghalche 'बिरून  घाल्चे  to make a mess (by scattering)

~  Boodche 'बुडचें  ' to sink

'~ Boronche 'बोरोंचे  to write

~ Chabche चाबचें   to bite

'~ chaaLonche 'चाळोञ्चे to tease

'~ chaaLche 'चाळ्चे to stir ( food )

~ charcharaanche  चरचराञ्चे

   roasting    idiom:severe criticism

~ chirchirenche  चिरचिरेञ्चे talk irritatingly

~ Dhadanche  धाडांचे to hit against something

~ dhampchen  धांपचें   to cover or hide 

~ Dhappenchen  धाप्पेंचे to breathe heavily.

~ Dhavnche  धांवचें to run

~ Dhorche  धोरचें to catch/hold

~ dhunvche धुन्व्चे to wash

~ gaDgaDevnche ग्ड्ग्डेन्व्चे to tremble/shake

~ gaLgaLavnche   'गळगळाव्न्चे'   to gargle

'~ gavraanche   गौरांचे' to respect

~ ghayu korche घायू  कोरचे to bruise

~ Ghalche घालचें   to put or wear

~ GhaaTche घाट्चे to churn (buttermilk)

~ Ghatti korche घटी कोरचे  to tighten

~ Ghorenche घोरेनचें  to snore

'~ Ghuvndaanche 'घुन्व्डाञ्चे to turn in circles

'~ Gicchoonche 'गिचुञ्चे to scribble

'~ giDgiDevnche 'गिड्गिडेन्व्चे guffawing

~ Gurgurenche गुरगुरेंचे  to grumble

~ Hadche (to bring)

~ Hagche हागचे to defeacate

'~ Hallonche 'हालोंचे to shake

'~ hangsunche 'ह्न्ग्सुंचे to demean

'~ Hasche 'हासचे  to laugh

~ hogalsunchen होगळ्सुञ्चे  to praise

~Hoongche हुंग्चे  to smell

'~ hummenche 'हुमेंचे  to sweat

~ jaagenche जागेंचे to wake up

~ jaagonche जागोंचे  to awaken someone

~ jhaankche झान्क्चे to crack vulgar jokes

~ jiDjiDaanche  जिडजिडानचें  to berate

~Jirche  जिर्चे to digest 

~Jironche जिरोञ्चे more of a phrase as in masti jironche

~ kaattorche  कात्तोरचें  to cut paper/cloth. Idiomatically, to boast

~ kaantche कांतचें  to grate (coconut)

'~ Kallownche 'कालोचे to mix, blend

~ karkarenche 'कर्करेञ्चे' to talk irritatingly

~ karpunche  कर्पुञ्चे 1 burning of food 2 to become dark as in face (तिगेले तोंड करपले गादि दिसता)

~ Karpaunche कर्पोञ्चे to burn (food)

~ khankche खान्क्चे to cough

~ Khanvche  खांवचें  to eat

~ kharDunche खर्डुञ्चे 1  to scrape 2 informal. to exasperate, as in मात्ते खरडु कोरचे

~Kharpunche ख्र्पुंचे   to scratch

~ khelche खेळचे playing

~ khicche खिच्चे to stick to something

~ khichonche  खिचोंचे to paste

~ Khombche  खोम्ब्चे     to poke

~ kiLchunche किळ्चुञ्चे     to scream

~ Kopche 'कोपचे' to be angry

~ koraantunche  कोरान्तुंचे to dig and scrape

~ Korche कोरचे  to make 

~ Kudkekorche कुड्केकोर्चे   to cut into pieces or pare

~ Lambche लांबचें  to hang

~ Lambonche   लाम्बोनचें to hang out (as in clothes or rope)  idiom: to delay

~ Marche  मारचें to beat or hit

~ maakshenche माक्षेंचे to step backwards, hesitate

~ mastunche म्स्तुन्व्चे to trample

~merunche मेरुंचे to gallivant

~ Morche मोरचें to die

~ Muthche मुत्चे    to urinate

~ Nhanvche  न्हांवचें to bathe

~ Nidkaraunche  निद्कारोंचे   to put to sleep

~ nidonche निदोंचें  to sleep

~ nilkunche निल्कुंचे to peep

~ nipponche    निपोंचे to hide

~ nische    निश्चे    to drape ( saree)

~ nissorche   निसोरचे to slip

~ paavnche पान्व्चे  to reach

~ paavonche   पावोंचे to drop someone

~ paangronche पान्ग्रोंचे to wrap/cover with blanket

~ Paayynpodche पाय्म्पोद्चे to prostrate

~ parvunche पर्वूंचे to moan as in pain

~ phappudche  फापुडचें to dust clothes etc., idiom: give a dressing down

'~ pharpharenche ' फरफरेन्व्चे talk endlessly

~ phatonche  फाटोञ्चे   informal, to butter up, cajole

'~ Phugonche '   फुगोंचे to  blow (as in balloon); act sullenly

'~ Phunkche 'फुन्क्चे  to blow

~ Pilche   पिळचें  to squeeze a lime  or wet clothes; informal "kaan pilche" as punishment..

~  Pindche पिंद्चे  to tear

~ Pinvche पिंवचें  to drink

~ Pittikorche   पिटीकोरचे   to crumble or powder

~ Pivonche   पिवोनचें to make/help  another to drink

~ Pownche  पोवंचे to swim

~ Podche  पोड्चे  to fall

~ Polonche पोळोञ्चे to see or look

~ porsunche पोर्सुंचे    to rub gently

~ raakche ' ' राक्चे 1  to guard 2 to wait

~ Rangounche  रंगौंचे to colour ; also 'baNNu ghalche'

~ ronganche  रोन्गांचे  eat voraciously

~ rittanche रित्तांचे  to empty the contents

~ saambonche साम्बोंचे to pat gently as in putting child to sleep

'~ sansanevnche 'सण्सणेन्व्चे  throbbing (pain)

~ Sodche  सोद्चे to give up/ desert

'~ shijonchen ' शिजोंचे  to cook

~ shindche   शिंदचें to chop vegetables

'~ sollonche ' सोलोंचे to peel/skin

~ sonnu divnnche सोणुदिव्नंचे to give up/let go

~ talchen   तळ्चे  to fry

'~ taaNche तांचे'  to pull/stretch

~ taapponche  ताप्पोंचे to boil (water). Idiom: to slap

~ taapche  तापचे to get heated, to lose temper (तो तापलो)

~ thaapTunche थाप्टुञ्चे  to spank

~ tirpunche  तिर्पुंचे  to twist

~ tonda laavnche तोण्डालान्व्चे to taste. Informal; side dishes in meals are also referred to as 'tonda laavnchaak'

~ Ubbarchen उब्बारचें  Lifting

~ ubonchen   उबोंचे empty praise

~ udche उड्चे  to fly

~ uddonche उडोञ्चे to throw

~ uddenche उद्देंचे to appear or to make marks appear as when one strikes another 

~ udki marche  उडकी मारचे to jump

~ ullonche उलोंचे to speak

~ Umbolche to wash clothes

~ upadra divnche  उपद्र दिन्व्चे to trouble

~ ussoLche उसोळ्चे to spurt; informal: ussaL-get out!

~ Utkarounche उटकारोंचे to wake up someone from sleep

~ uvalche उवाळ्चे to undo evil spirit 

'~ vaacche 'वाचें to read

'~ vaaDche (to serve - food)

'~ vaaTche 'वाटचे to grind

'~  vadrunche 'व्द्रुञ्चे to shout

'~ vaajjonche  'वाजोंचे 1 play a musical instrument 2 informal: to beat

'~ vaaT sodche  'वाट सोड्चे to give way

~ vaLkunche 'व्ळ्कुञ्चे' to sprain

~ vaLnu ghalche वाल्णु घाल्चे to strain rice; informal: to ruin plan

~ vaLvaLenvnche  व्ळ्व्ळेञ्चे    to struggle

~ Visorche  विसोरचे    to forget

~ Vikronche   विक्रोंचे 1 to scatter 2 informal, flaunting ones knowledge (as in BudwantpaN Vikroonche) 3 to spill (as in 'tel vikraile')

~ vindche   विंदचें 1. to pierce (ears) कान विंदचें  2. to throw stone/s go/

~ voche वोचे    to go

~ vokche वोक्चे to vomit

~ voLonche वोळोञ्चे to comb hair

~ voLmbunche वोळ्म्बुचे to stoop or bend far to reach

~ vottu korche वोटु कोरचे to collect